Symposia Structure


Area A

Area B

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Area G

Area A: Functional Materials
Area Overseers: Paloma Fernández and Paula M.S. Vilarinho

  Title of Area / Topic / Symposium Coordinator
A1 Materials for Information Technology Michele Muccini
I Ultrafast Laser Processing and Functionalization of Materials for Technological Applications
Javier Solís
Razvan Stoian
Jan Siegel
III Materials and Devices for Sensing Giorgio Sberveglieri
Luisa Torsi
A2 Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials Manuel Vazquez
I Domain Structure and Magnetization Processes in Magnetic Nanoscale Systems
Agustina Asenjo
Volker Neu
II Biological Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles Ricardo Ibarra
Paolo Freitas
III Multiferroic Single-Phase and Composite Materials for Novel Magnetoelectric Technologies Catherine Elissade
Miguel Algueró
A3 Carbon Based Materials Eric Anglaret
Marc Monthioux
I Carbon-containing Composites and Materials Juan José Vilatela
Marc Monthioux
II Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Vincenzo Palermo
Eric Anglaret
A4 Functional Nanostructures and Self Assembled Materials Urszula Narkiewicz
I Semiconductor Nanowires: Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications
Javier Piqueras
Aleksandra Djurisic
II Nanopowders for Applications in Biology, Medicine, Photonics and Photovoltaics Stuart J.C. Irvine
Marek Godlewski
IV Functional Nanostructures Oxides and Hydroxides Jean-Francois Hochepied
Stéphane Daniele
Cancelled or merged symposia: A1II; A4III


Area B: Structural Materials
Area Overseers: Malgorzata Lewandowska and José Kenny

  Title of Area / Topic / Symposium Coordinator
B1 Advanced Metals Ralf Busch
I Nanostructured Steels H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia
F.G. Caballero
II Metallic Glasses and their Composites Mihai Stoica
III Intermetallics Srdjan Milenkovic
David Morris
IV High Strength ODS steels:
Fundamentals and Applications
Carlos Capdevila
Marta Serrano
Mónica campos
B2 Advanced Ceramics Dariusz Kata
I Advanced Ceramics Jerzy Lis
Thomas Graule
B3 Advanced Polymers Jean-Francois Gerard
José Kenny
I Biobased Polymers, Composites and Nanomaterials Lars Berglund
II Fire retardant Polymers, Composites and Nanocomposites De-Yi Wang
III Hybrid Polymer Nanocomposites Jean-Francois Gerard
B4 Composite, Hybrid and Multi-scaled Structural Materials Bill Clyne
I Hybrid and Metal-Organic Framework Materials Jin-Chong Tan
Bartolomeo Civalleri
II Highly Porous Metals and Ceramics Paolo Colombo
Russell Goodall
III Composite Materials and Systems for High Temperature Use Francis Delannay
Bill Clyne
Cancelled symposia: All symposia in Topic B2 have been merged;  B4IV has been cancelled


Area C: Processing
Area Overseers: Pedro D. Portella and Agustin R. Gonzalez-Elipe

  Title of Area / Topic / Symposium Coordinator
C1 Solidification and Solid State Transformations Rosa I. Merino
Michel Rappaz
I Solidification Jean Marie Drezet
José I. Peña
II Solid State Transformations Frédéric Danoix
Benoît Appolaire
C2 Joining and Interface Design Jolanta Janczak-Rusch
I Wetting Boris Straumal
Alberto Passerone
II Interface Design Lars P.H. Jeurgens
George Kaptay
III Joining Technologies Ivan Kaban
C3 Nano-Powder and Solution Routes: Synthesis to Materials Maria Teresa Vieira
José Manuel Torralba
I Nano-Powder Development by Advanced Techniques
Bruno Trindade
Olivera Milosevic
II Advanced Processing Methods to maintain Nano-Features from the Powder Alberto Molinari
Thomas Schlothauer
Olivier Guillon
III Processing of Ceramics and their Mechanical Properties Arturo Dominguez
IV Additive Manufacturing and other Near Net Shape Techniques Nahum Travitzky
C4 Advanced Coating and Surface Structuring Albano Cavaleiro
Andrés Lasagni
I Protective Coatings and Thin Films Tomas Polcar
Ben Beake
II Plasma Deposition of Thin Films and Coatings Hynek Biedermann,
Andrey Shukurov
Ondrej Kylian
IV Laser Micro-/Nanoengineering Andrés Lasagni
Udo Klotzbach
Jürgen Stampfl
Cancelled or merged Symposia: C4III; C4V


Area D: Characterisation and Modelling
Area Overseers: Frank Mücklich and Dierk Raabe

  Title of Area / Topic / Symposium Coordinator
D1 Physical, Chemical and Structural Characterisation Beata Dubiel
I Atom Probe Tomography Didier Blavette
III Tomographic and Radiographic Imaging with X-Rays and Neutrons Alexander Rack
Timm Weitkamp
IV Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging for Materials Science and Engineering Michael Fitzpatrick
Jon James
V Advanced Electron and Ion Microscopy Methods in Materials Characterization Maria Sozanska
Beata Dubiel
Christian Kübel
D2 Mechanical Characterisation Gerhard Dehm
I Mechanical Behavior of Advanced Materials Jon Molina
Ruth Schwaiger
II In-situ Micro- and Nano-Mechanical Characterisation Marc Legros
Sandra Korte
III Interface Failure in Thin Film Structure and Composite Materials Megan Cordill
James Dean
IV Characterization of the Mechanical Aspects of Corrosion and Environmental Degradation Afrooz Barnoush
Wolfgang Dietzel
D3 Materials Modelling on all Length Scales Risto Nieminen
Alfred Ludwig
I Materials Discovery and High-Throughput Methods in Modelling and Experiments
Ralf Drautz
Nicola Marzari
Jörg Neubauer
Alfred Ludwig
II Multiscale and Thermodynamics Modeling - from Atomic-Scale Properties to Macroscopic Behavior Alexei Khokhlov
Hans Jürgen Seifert
Igor Abrikosov
IV  Materials Modeling for Energy Applications Rajeev Ahuja
Cancelled or merged symposia: D1II and D3III
D3I and D4II were the same symposia, so they have been unified
D4I has been merged with D3I


Area E: Energy and Environment
Area Overseers: Lorenz Singheiser

  Title of Area / Topic / Symposium Coordinator
E1 Materials for Renewable Energy Maria Luisa Di Vona
II Materials for Solar Energy Conversion Susan Schorr
Martin Schmücker
Sergui Levcenco
Ivan Davoli
III Materials for Fuel Cells Maria Luisa Di Vona
E2 Transportation and Mobility Dirk Lehmhus
I Lightweight Materials and Structural Solutions for Transport Applications Kambis Kayvantash
Axel von Hehl
E3 Energy Conversion and Transport Peter Schaaf
Per Eklund
I Materials for Power Plants: Energy Conversion and CO2 Capture W.A. Meulenberg,
Christoph Leyens
Axel Kranzmann
IV Materials for Nuclear Applications Nicolas Dacheux
Philippe Raison
E4  Energy Harvesting and Storage Claus Daniel
I Energy Harvesting and Storage Claus Daniel
Symposia E3I, E3II and E3III have been merged
All symposia in Topic E2 have been merged
All symposia in Topic E4 have been merged


Area F: Biomaterials and Healthcare
Area Overseers: Peter Fratzl

  Title of Area / Topic / Symposium Coordinator
F1 Materials for Healthcare Applications Peter Fratzl
I Micro- and Nano-Engineered Materials for Medical Application Wojciech Swieszkowski
II Bio-Inspired Materials for Regenerative Medicine Aldo Boccaccini
João Mano
Jürgen Groll
F2 Bio-Inspired Materials Thomas Scheibel
I Bio-Inspired Materials Richard Weinkamer
Tobias Kraus
Mischa Zelzer
F3 Bio-Sensing Materials and Devices Laura Lechuga
I Bio-Sensing Materials and Devices Arben Merkoçi
Peter Bienstman
Laura Lechuga
All the symposia in Topic F3 were merged
All symposia in Topic F2 have been merged


Area G: Education, Strategy and Technology Transfer Area

  Title of Area / Topic / Symposium Coordinator
  This area is scheduled in the form of a symposium G1II to be held on Wednesday as one of the parallel sessions in the Conference and several side events combining plenary talks and round tables to be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the 13:30-15:00 slot when  a cold buffet will be offered for participants
G1 Education and Career  
I Education and Career Flavio Soldera
II Education in MSE: Interdisciplinary and International Aspects Arlindo Silva
Flavio Soldera
Mike Ashby
G2 Technology Transfer  
I The role of European Research and Technology Organizations in promoting the Technology Transfer of Materials Technology Patrick Bressler
G3 Strategic Materials for Europe  
I Materials in Functional and Structural Components Ehrenfried Zschech
II Relevance of Resources Strategies and Global Competition Margarethe Hofmann